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Hi there, [09 Nov 2015|11:09pm]
 photo ScreenShot2014-05-01at113240pm.png


One month [28 May 2014|11:48pm]
A brainless title to this post - one month. It's a month into my new job! I am proud and glad to say that all's good and I have been settling well in this company :) There are many thanks to give thanks for - the decision I made, the opportunities that I missed (and those that missed me), but most of all, thankful for a chance to start the new phase of life with such a pleasant (and exciting) job! It's really too early for me to say what my future plans are right now, but I am certain that this won't be a career. I was, and am, never will be satisfied with an office job, heh. But learning and exploring now!

Errrr, moving on, can I just sum up my juice cleanse journey with this: I LOST 1.5 KG! Ha ha. I didn't expect to lose weight doing the cleanse, but it's a bonus! Other than weight loss, I certainly did become leaner and lighter. You really won't believe me until you have tried it on your own, such things are hard to convince, and I can understand why. I was one of those being skeptical until I experienced it on my own anyway, heh. Bottom line, I will do the juice cleanse again! I love the juices, that's why! Wouldn't mind having them everyday!


Tomorrow's Thursday, means it's one day away from the weekends! I am down for another event on Saturday - sad news, but I am actually looking forward to it! It's Marble Slab Free Scoop Day btw! So if you are living in the East, or will be around the East this coming Saturday, do drop by Changi City Point or i12 Katong for some free ice cream goodness!! I LOVE DOUBLE DARK CHOCOLATE ;)

And and, I'm all ready for trial spinning class this Friday evening. I have no idea why it's called spinning, but in layman terms, it's basically indoor cycling of some sort. Anyway, it's my first spinning experience, I do hope it burns some calories for me!! Been eating back my 1.5 KG quite a bit, heh.


3-Day Cleanse with hic'Juice: Pre-Cleanse, Day 1 & Day 2 [23 May 2014|11:41am]
Hello Friday! Work starts after lunch hours today, so I am still in my PJs, comfortably nestled at home, spending some quality time with myself :)

I embarked on a 3-Day Juice Cleanse with hic'Juice two days ago, and it is my last day today! I thought it's useful to blog my experience for anyone who is interested, and also for my own keepsake purpose - I'm not a eat clean or health freak, opposite to that though, I am very much of a glutton and sucker for good food, so it's quite a feat when I have to go on a liquid diet for three days!


So let's start with the Pre-Cleanse.

By right you should be cutting down on your carbs, processed food, sugar and caffeine intake three days prior to the cleanse. I did that, quite dramatically I'd say! Hehe, and for that I am very proud of myself. We don't want to shock our body with no solid food intake (all your nasi lemak, mee siam, skinny mocha, etc..) for three days, so that step was VERY important, or not, the most important, I'd say. When the day inches closer, like a day prior to the cleanse, it's all about eating raw greens and fruits ONLY.

I did cheat a little, I admit, hehe. I started to eliminate all cooked food intake on the day before my cleanse. Actually, I was still eating my usual two days prior... Hehe oops.

 photo IMG_6451.jpg

Super #latergram. This was what we had during the mister's birthday at Spuds & Aprons. I only got the chance to post it now after transferring the photos into my macbook, hehe. And I just had to share it cos the colours are soooo vivid, makes the food extra delicious :)

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at104131am.png

Okay, this what what I ate last Saturday (my cleanse starts on the following Wednesday). That's four days prior, ha ha. I basically gave myself reason to cheat for one last time and fwaaaaahhh it's the best decision made, NO REGRETS :) We were around the area, hungry and looking for food, so there we went. I went to curry heaven for twenty minutes, excuse me please. This plate of sinful goodness was also my last carb intake until today! That's a good 5 days of carb-less diet already!

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at104148am.png

A day prior to starting the cleanse, I survived on bananas and sugar-free muesli bars. I ate two huge ass bananas and two of those nut & fruit muesli bars, and drank a lot of water (and juices, haha from the kitchen), to curb my hunger. I didn't managed to pack salad for meals that day, and my office neighbourhood has completely ZERO places selling that kind of stuff, so... That's my alternative.

(On a completely different note, the photo is taken at the office! It is indeed very rare to see offices with their walls painted pastel pink, purple and blue. Hehe lucky enough to be working in an environment with my favourite pastels!)

I do not think it's really bad if you do not eat purely raw greens and fruits the whole day, you really just have to listen to what your body wants, and what it's telling you. I'm more concern about keeping my mood positive and happy, so I will enjoy the cleanse! Rather than stuff myself with so much of raw greens just for the sake of doing so.


Then it was cleanse Day-1.

I had no meetings or errands to run that day, so it was a stay-in office day for me, which was good. I do not have to worry about my juices being not chilled when I drink them, and neither do I have to carry a cooler bag with me everywhere I went, heh, I'm super concerned about being fuss-free whenever I am out. So that made Day-1 simple! I won't try to review every drink, but I will just share whatever photos I managed to capture during my cleanse.

 photo IMG_6622.jpg

First drink of the day - Popeye Smoothie! Easily the most palatable drink out of ALL the juices hic'Juice does. For me, at least. It tastes very much like banana smoothie with all the extra goodness from Spinach, Red Dragonfruit, Ionized Water and Pineapple. I love it! It's also the first drink for Day-2. Keeps you filled up for a kick start to the day!

 photo IMG_6627.jpg

I had my second drink almost two hours later, and I wasn't even hungry by then. I drank a lot of water during the window period (which is important to help flush all the toxins out), before starting on 4 Carats. Okay, I had to admit, my taste buds didn't like the taste of this cos of the Celery and Cucumber. These two greens have such refreshing, yet distinct taste, that doesn't blend in well! I was never a celery fan in my life, ever. I pick celery out from my food, that kind of person you know. So I had to learn to love this drink with every sip I took, lol. That said, I took longer to finish this, probably close to an hour? Ha ha, I tried my best...

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at104159am.png

As usual, drank super A LOT of water during the window period, and made countless times to the toilet. During lunch time, my toilet count was at 4, that's just three hours into the cleanse btw, ha. I guess it's normal, and it's good :) So what you see in the above photo was after lunch, when I finished my third bottle - Cool as a.. IT HAS CELERY AND CUCUMBER AGAIN SO NAWWWWWWWWW :< Struggled alitte, but not as much as the previous 4 Carats cos of Lemon! Lemon kinda makes the taste of those two greeniemeenie less distinct.

After I took that photo, I was grinning with joy HA HA. I actually survived half of my day with no food already. But okay lah, considering that majority of my past years in work and school all had irregular lunch hours, I thought I would be able to survive with no solid food as long as no cravings kicked in, heh.

 photo IMG_6630.jpg

Lemon n' Spice was the fourth drink. This drink... "Kicked" my stomach. "Kicked" in a way, I meant it kinda jolted my stomach when I first drank it. I already know that this is a spicy drink from all the know-hear, but it obviously wasn't the kind of spicy I expected, ha. Underestimated the power of Cayenne Pepper there, oops. But I heard with the addition of Cayenne Pepper, it helps to burn calories! SO GO GO, drink it all up hehe. It wasn't that bad after awhile, it's just spicy, which got much easier to accept after drinking it for awhile. No weird greeniemeenie, so this makes a pretty palatable drink with an extra kick ;)

I had internal meetings afterwards, so I skipped taking photos of the fifth drink, which was Kale Tales. FAVOURITE TOOOOO! Love, love, love Kale. This superveggie is soooo yummy as a juice, hehe.

 photo IMG_6635.jpg

Last drink of the day was Nut Milk! Another very palatable drink, which is also VERY comforting to end off the day with :) Always loved how Vanilla makes anything much more... lovable, hee. I let the mister try a sip of this, and he hated it, lol. I guess taste preferences really differ between genders? Hah. The slightly grainy texture of Nut Milk also makes it really nice to chew before to swallow! Yummmmmmmy.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at104207am.png

Well... Just selfies with Nut Milk ;)

Day-2 was SO MUCH MORE easier! I think after a day of drinking juices, my taste buds have generally accepted the weird/exotic tastes it was introduced to, so I didn't have any problem with any juices the whole day!

No photos of individual juices cos most of them are similar, with the exception of Green Lemonade and Pure Coconut Water :)

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at104212am.png

I have to emphasize on Green Lemonade. I have no idea why, even after reading the list of ingredients, I LOVE IT. I was quite disgusted when I first saw it, but it was love at first taste, ha ha. Must be the Kale!! Hehe. Okay lah, please don't be turned off by green juices when you see them. They may look really gross, but don't judge and label them until you try it for yourself! Speaking from experience here, ahhhhhhhmmmm. This makes to the list of juices I will buy after my cleanse!

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at104218am.png

Sorry, not sorry, but am going to end this very long and wordy post.... Here. That's me and the mister enjoying our drinks - my Nut Milk, and his Espresso Frappe. I have no reasons to be jealous cos I have a healthier and more delicious drink in my hands, hoho.

I slept really well for the past two days too! It's the kind whereby you knock out all the waaaaaay until your alarm rings the next morning, shiokkkkk ;) And if you are wondering about my after-effects, I haven't took my weight, but I definitely feel more lean! I made enough toilet trips to rid all the excess water and toxins in my body, ha ha. So... YAY. Gonna work on my flabby arms and tummmmy!

Updates on Day-3 this weekend perhaps. Till then xx

Mothers' Day Lunch + the Mister's Birthday [19 May 2014|11:48pm]
As I am updating this space, it's pouring really heavily outside, with frequent lightning and thunder accompanying - creating a perfect mood for lounging on my bed under my blanket, ahh. I wonder how many people are like me, likes the room with aircon even when the weather is already sooo cooling, heh. Currently listening to Chinese pop songs too, I am naturally quite cheena you see, I still like my Lee Hom, Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou love ballads, hee.


Anyway, this update is for last week! It was a week of good fun, and celebrations! The family finally found common time to have a lunch for Mothers' Day. Although it was belated, but the Mothers' Day thingy doesn't really matter to us! We don't just show our love and appreciation once a year right, so... We brought the mother for her favourite - dim sum lunch :)

I have seen and read enough good reviews about Royal China (at Raffles Hotel) to encourage a visit. Couldn't find a better reason to go especially since it's the mother's favourite too! It was a Vesak Day visit with the family full force - and by that I meant - daddy, mummy, brother, brother's girlfriend, me and my boyfriend ;)

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-19at111235pm.png

Thankfully, food didn't disappoint. Most of the usual dim sum dishes were better than many that I've tasted else where, like the siew mai, fried beancurd roll, egg tart, and their signature pau thingy (I forgot what it's called). Pretty reasonably priced too, so I'm definitely heading back for more when I have dim sum cravings, heh. That's a family photo for you! My family members are rather camera-shy... Except me. I'm not sure why, maybe I have really thick-skinned friends who loves taking photos that's why, hehe. It's rare for us to get a photo together, not to mention, a nice photo :) Thanks to the mister for capturing the photo for us!

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-19at111230pm.png

Ha ha, a meaningless photo once in awhile. I just wanted to post this cos I LOVE everything in the photo. From the colours, to the prints, to the blings... Can't get enough of them! Hehe. Thanks for entertaining my lame photo.

Moving on the mister's birthday, which was last Wednesday (14th May), he turns 24! So old, haha. I like to tease him about that, and he goes really helpless about it cos he does feel that he is growing old too :D

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-19at111243pm.png

The above photo is a breakfast made with love, so much love :) Heh. I am the lucky girl who gets a breakfast cooked by the birthday boy himself, on his birthday, blessed. That was a request made by yours truly, for french toast, that is very blatantly similar to Toby's LOL. I purposely asked for the blueberries and diced green apples ;) And I get my egg cooked OVEREASY. It's really not that tough, but I just don't know why so many places outside can't get it right. It's just cooking a friggin' egg... So why?!?! I really detest eating another sunny-side-up when I asked for it to be done overeasy. (Random egg rant)

Oh then we had lunch at Mikuni (at Swissotel Stamford), special request by the birthday boy, so there we went! I brought him there for his birthday last year too, and he loved it so much. Okay, not just him, I love it very much too, so there were no second thoughts when he brought that up.

I have no photos of what we ate there, reasons being:

1) Spectacular food, so we started eating without even having the slightest thought to take photos
2) It was a dim light setting, so not much nice photo opportunity
3) Food is better enjoyed when you don't fancy taking photos of it, really... (I admit)

So there, no photos, but just missing the taste of that medium-rare beef steak... and bone-in pork cooked to perfection. The kind of food that makes you despise everything else similar outside cos nothing else comes close. Bad, in a way. Hehe can't wait to go back!

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-19at111248pm.png

There wasn't anything special planned that day, we just spent the day like our usual, except that we were both dressed up, alittle more, heh. I don't usually wear maxi dresses out, but when I do, it's really for an occasion. I waited for quite a while before I got to wear this piece anyway!! I got it online two months back LOL.

If you're wondering where this non-Singapore place is, it's at Duxton/Outram area, cos we were heading to Strangers' Reunion for our mid-day coffee break! As hipster as the place gets, I still love it for it's ambience and very very lovely decor, just the kind I love without being over-pretentious (except the humans there). Brownie points for them cos they have my favourite cup of "Magic"!

(Fast forward two hours)

We settled for dinner atop Mt. Faber, at a place called Spuds and Aprons. I'm very glad Mt. Faber group decided to revamp the previous Moonstone and Opal restaurants into this current concept, cos it works SOOOO much better. Kinda like a cafe/bistro style, serving local-inspired fusion food. Not too bad, I'd say. They do serve some dishes that are one of a kind!

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-19at111253pm.png

More reasons to pay: the view. TO KILL FOR. What else do you expect when you're at a restaurant perched on the peak of Mt. Faber? Just glorious views of the harbour, sea, sky, skyline... Basically everything. We were there during the sunset hour, so it makes everything more beautiful instantly :)

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-19at111301pm.png

Ending off this post with a photo dedicated to my favourite person. I finally got you something you REALLY wanted and like! Although it cost me a bomb, but it's okay, as long as it makes you happy :) I like writing notes, letters, and cards to special people in my life, I hope you enjoy receiving and reading them as much too. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, love! We have plentiful more to celebrate as we grow xx

Catching up... [18 May 2014|11:41pm]
Been a little more busy than usual this week, with work especially. I'm glad the retail corner is finally done up and open to public! There's so much more to expect from that little space, especially in the coming week when we'll be hosting the launch party. Excited much! Hopefully I will be free to snap some photos to share here! Heh. Anyway, if you work/pass by the CBD area, drop by 27 Boon Tat Street, Level 2, for some organic cold-pressed juice goodness! Trust me, they're your best thirst quenchers under the sweltering weather, mad unforgiving, I know.

I've started on a different diet to prep for my juice cleanse on Wednesday. Although it's not the most ideal diet, I'm still trying my best! The recommended diet requires me to survive on just greens (preferably raw) and fruits for two days before the cleanse, but that's REALLY tough for me, hahaha. So I've decided (for my body's best assumed capability) to go on a - no carbs, no caffeine, very minimal meat and processed food, and ALOT of greens and fruits than my usual - diet, for the two days! I'm hoping that my body doesn't get a shock when it has to survive on juices for three straight days after that, ha. Greens are going to be my rice, and fruits are going to be my sweets for this week. I think I can do it, I CAN DO IT I CAN DO IT!! Will not succumb to temptations, SHALL ABSTAIN!

I promise a longer and more detailed update in the next few days! For now, it's time for bed cos there's work tomorrow... MONDAYS.

Soldier on [11 May 2014|11:00pm]
Into the third week of work tomorrow! Am glad to say things are manageable, progressing and learning well, but the stress level is creeping in on me earlier than I expected, hah. I shall not bore this place with too much information about work, unless there are interesting moments worth mentioning! I reckon soon, when there are like 4 to 5 events coming! That's something for me to look forward to :)


 photo ScreenShot2014-05-11at102205pm.png

Earlier this week, on Wednesday -  I got to have breakfast with the mister before work! Wednesday's the mister's off day too, so we sort of make it the day to have breakfast together :) Despite the crappy morning peak hour traffic, the mister came to pick me up from home at 9 am. If you still don't know... We live really far apart from each other, 26 km to be specific. To give you a clearer picture using the airport as comparison - he lives just five minutes away from the airport, while I live around forty minutes away, hah. But he has a car now! So travelling isn't an issue for us, it so so so so much easier compared to years ago :)

Anyway, back to the breakfast. I knew of this place - Brawn & Brains quite awhile back, and have been wanting to try it after reading some great reviews. We were there at 10 am on a weekday so crowd was comfortably empty! They serve REALLY good wraps!!! That's something I really wanted to emphasize. Their wraps will blow you away, not kidding! Value for money and definitely worth countless trips back! Coffee wise, two blends to choose from - just so happen that the mister likes one blend, while I preferred the other, so it's perfect for us, no complains! FYI, their price of coffee spoils the market, hah. If you have visited the place, you'll know what I'm talking about ;)

It wasn't far from the upcoming SportsHub, where I was going for a site recee that morning. Pretty amazed by what's going on at the SportsHub construction area, it's so much more than just the new national stadium! Can't wait for another iconic place in the country to be done, no harm to welcome another hang out place/shopping mall, ha ha.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-11at102212pm.png

Thursday was our 58th month! I took awhile to digest that, which makes out to four years and ten months. That's a pretty long way already right... Thinking back, we've been through really a lot. It wasn't easy to make it this far, but when we are here looking back at the years we spent together, I can't help but to feel a surge of overwhelming emotions, you know that kind of thing :P Always thankful for you, and always will be.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-11at102220pm.png

I spent my Friday working over time at the new retail corner :< SAD FACE cos I OT-ed an hour till 8 pm, ha ha. But okay lah, I don't mind cos it wasn't that bad. I got my mid-day perk up of skinny iced latte from Sarnies cafe! Which is very conveniently located across from where I was at. Glad that there's artisanal coffee somewhere accessible in the CBD area, I really can't live without it, heh.

If you love juices, the good stuff - cold pressed juices, please do drop by 27 Boon Tat Street, at level 2 of the shophouse unit for the healthy goodness! Hehehe. Not like I am doing any kind of promotion here, but our organic juice bar is COOOOOOOL ;) Psst, it's called The Juice Room by hic'Juice, google it!

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-11at102227pm.png

On Saturday, we had our usual kickboxing class. It just gets more intensive every week, and I love it! Heh. Enjoying it more and more, and it feels damn good to sweat all the toxins out, wheeeeeeee. We do abs training during the class too, and I am proud to say I am seeing some kind of abs on myself, or at least I am slightly more toned now, HA HA. I don't aspire to become/be a fitspo or whatever that crap is, I really ain't that hardworking to be one, but it's good to keep fit and stay healthy, right! Confidence level goes up together with it too :) Five more class to go, and we are already thinking of signing up for more!

Juice cleanse update - I'm getting more toxins eliminated in two weeks when I officially embark on my 3-day juice cleanse with hic'Juice! It's my first time, so naturally, I'm as excited as anyone else! Hope it goes well heh. Will be updating more about it when I start ;)

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-11at102233pm.png

Mothers' Day today, I ate non-stop, too much food in a day, resulting in major food coma. Lunch was with the mister's family, and dinner was with my family. Blooms were for my late mama (grandma), when we visited her for some prayers in the morning earlier today. I just love how the flowers complement each other. All the colours, too pretty. I'm sure to have these gorgeous blooms in my place next time! Shopping for them already makes me elated :)

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-11at102241pm.png

Coffee break at Department of Caffeine this afternoon. Found a place that serves good ristretto! Good coffee makes a good day ;) We can just spend our day people watching, nibbling on cakes and sweets, sipping on great coffee, and poking fun with each other over the most random things. These are the little things I really cherish.


Another public holiday coming up!!! Which makes a shorter work week, so yay to that! To everyone else who is working hard, soldier on!! We're just one day away from a rest day! xx

Momentum [07 May 2014|11:55pm]
Phew, it's midweek. Have been pretty exhausted from work lately - all the site recee, set ups at a new retail corner, meetings with clients and suppliers... Endless! It takes "boring" out of the job, and makes it all interesting, guess that's what keeps me going. With that said, I'm scheduled for a briefing at the zoo tomorrow, and bird park on Friday. Dressing for work is a challenge, hah. Perhaps I'll bring along some insect repellant too...


Just wanted to share something I really like! Something motivational, encouraging, inspiring and all that, you know. If you are already using Google Chrome (best web browser, ever!) like me, head to the Chrome App Store and search for this app called "Momentum". It's the kind of app that you wouldn't mind having, whether you eventually use it or not.

Basically it works like a web browser home page whenever you open a new tab! You'll be staring at very beautiful and breathtaking background and sceneries from all over the world. Well, they'll even tell you where the photo is taken at so that helps add to your list of travels, hah. Anyway, that isn't all. After setting it up in your Chrome explorer, it greets you, personally with your name. HA HA. I love that especially ;)

More practical functions includes a To-do-list, clock and local weather. If your day was bad, there's a one-liner motivational quote kind of thingy. How's that for brownie points? Also, try answering the question they have for you everyday - "What is your main focus for today?" Too weird a question for me actually so I don't have an answer for it. Probably have too many things on hand to focus on.

Let me cut the crap short, and paste some pictures. It's self-explanatory, so please!

Here's what I am talking about:

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-04at100448am.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-07at111847pm.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-05at112419pm.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-01at120024am.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-01at100438pm.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-03at112107pm.png

May you find some kind of fun out of it like I did, hehe.

Monday, again [05 May 2014|11:47pm]
It's the start of another brand new week, it's Monday again! Ending in less than an hour's time though, but I'm saying that with zero Monday blues!

I got to work without having to rush with the peak hour traffic and crowd, cos I have finally figured out a way that can save me time getting stuck in jam and all that sardine bus crap! Work that starts at 10 am is indeed gold, heh. Thankful for joining a company that emphasizes on work-life balance, it just makes going to work less frustrating. And and, with such working hours, I can spend my night time (after dinner) chilling on my bed, surfing the net, reading news online, and updating this space. That works out to sleeping at roughly 12+ am every night, and waking up with 8 hours of sleep still, YAY


 photo ScreenShot2014-05-05at112857pm.png

Kind of like a weekly selfie update HA HA don't judge tyvm. Do you feel that you look different in certain angles and photos, sometimes until a point you can't recognise yourself...? I do actually.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-05at112903pm.png

Finally had the chance to try the really popular cupcakes from Kreme Couture Bakery over last weekend! We were dining at Sinpopo for lunch, when we decided to pop by Kreme Couture since it was nearby. It's opened by a guy called Chris, and his girlfriend, and that guy happened to be the mister's friend! Both of them are bakers, such a cute couple! We chatted for awhile over at their humble little space, it was really nice :) Thanks for saving the floral cupcake for me! Made my day!

Anyway, that aside, they do make really beautiful floral cupcakes, not kidding there. I wouldn't say it's the best cupcake, cos honestly, taste and value wise, nothing beats PV, at least nothing I have tried so far. But if you're looking for something exceptional and something that's bound to make your other half (girlfriends, mainly) go crazy and spazz, Kreme Couture Bakery's the place to go! Their floral cupcake bouquet... Just woah. Looks too realistic to be eaten, ha ha.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-05at112909pm.png

Last Saturday's dinner situation. It was made up of my favourite things all in one picture - the sea, sunset and planes. Can't believe it took us so long to find this place! How come we never heard of this stunning location before... Mmmm. A million thanks to the mister for bringing me there <3

It's located at NSRCC, a restaurant called Stella. Not exactly the most accessible place, but definitely a worthy place to bring your other half for a nice date. One thing I didn't enjoy was the crowd there. Not that it was crowded, but with the ambience and setting, you'll think it's catered for couples on romantic dates... NO. It's actually catered more for families, unfortunately. So, be prepared to have some kids running around, screaming like they're at some playgrounds. I guess romantic couple dates are not enough to sustain restaurants like that, what a waste.


Into the second week of work, I'm starting to enjoy it more. Getting more responsibilities just means more opportunities to learn and explore. So excited for the events coming up! In the meantime, I am still trying to schedule three days to do a juice cleanse myself...

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